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Our projects at a glance

  • Atos

    Zurich, 2018

    Building analysis, user analysis, workplace concept

    300 employees

  • Audible

    Berlin, since 2020

    Workplace analysis and conception


  • Autoliv

    Munich, 2017/2018

    Workplace and organizational analysis, focus group workshops, executive interviews, workplace concept, design concept, planning and implementation

    800 employees

  • Capgemini

    Hamburg, 2018/2019

    Online survey, executive interviews, space utilization study, focus group/design workshops, workplace concept, space program, design and layout

    100 employees

  • Credit Suisse

    Zurich, 2018

    Workplace concept, design concept, furniture concept, project management for the pilot of an innovation space

    150 employees

  • DAS Environmental Experts

    Dresden, 2020/2021

    Vision and needs workshops, workplace strategy, space and function program, design planning, design concept and furnishing process, definition of fit-out standards, occupancy planning, project management, change management

    400 employees

  • Dolby

    Nuremberg, 2018

    Change Management for the implementation of Activity Based Working

    120 employees

  • Fonds Finanz

    Munich, 2020

    Workshops, planning, design concept, furniture selection

    380 employees

  • Google

    Munich, since 2020

    Change Management program, internal communications

    1.300 employees

  • Jochen Schweizer mydays Group

    Munich, 2019/2020

    Workplace analysis, strategy, planning & design, realisation, Change Management, project management

    450 employees

  • Merck Group

    Darmstadt, 2018/2019

    Workplace analysis and conception, Change Management concept, communications, development of a user representative network, executive workshops and trainings, follow-up study

    1.000 employees

  • ØRSTED Germany

    Hamburg, 2023-2024

    Online survey, stakeholder interviews, user workshops, workplace concept, space program, design and layout, Change Management, tendering for construction measures, new furniture, carpentry, moving companies, construction supervision, supervision of furniture insertion, monitoring of completion

    120 employees


    Augsburg, Frankfurt, Luxembourg, Since 2020

    Vision Workshop, Workplace Analysis, Planning, Design Concept, Furnishing Process, Project Management, Change Management, Communication

    13.000 employees

  • PD GmbH

    Berlin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, since 2020

    Workplace analysis, future strategy, conception

    250 employees

  • Porsche

    Zuffenhausen/Stuttgart, since 2020

    General renovation of the board building, design and planning, tender support, cost/time planning, project management

    80 employees

  • ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE

    Munich, 2017 - 2019

    Workplace analysis, workplace concept, planning, design and layout

    3.000 employees

  • Rahn

    Zurich, 2018/2019

    Workplace analysis, workplace strategy, planning, design, acoustic concept, project management

    70 employees

  • Red Hat

    Munich, since 2020

    Planning, Change Management

    170 employees

  • Roche Diagnostics

    Mannheim, Penzberg, since 2019

    Visions workshop, interviews, online survey, workshops, mobility & workstyle analysis, persona development, workplace strategy, Change Management

    1.500 employees

  • Siemens DI SW

    Globally, 2021 - ongoing

    Global workplace design conception & planning, project management, change and communication management, stakeholder and leadership workshops, employee survey, trainings (on site and online), post-occupancy monitoring & reporting.



    Waiblingen/Stuttgart, since 2018

    Workplace analysis, vision development, planning, design, technology concept, Change Management

    5.000 employees

  • SV Group

    Duebendorf, 2018/2019

    Workplace analysis, workplace strategy, planning, design, Change Management

    400 employees

  • UBS

    Schaffhausen/Zurich, 2018

    Change Management workshops


  • Varengold Bank

    Hamburg, since 2020

    Deveopment of a New Work concept, planning

    70 employees

  • Varengold Bank

    Hamburg, 2020 - 2021

    Vision Workshop, Interviews, Targeted Insights, User Workshops, Workplace Concept, Room and Furniture Planning, Design Concept, Change management, project management

    120 employees

  • Verivox

    Heidelberg, 2018/2019

    Workplace analysis, vision development, workplace conception, planning & design, technology conception, Change Management

    300 employees

  • VHV Group

    Hannover, 2017/2018

    Workplace analysis and concept, Change Management

    3.000 employees

  • workingwell

    Munich, 2020/2021

    Vision workshop, interviews, user workshops, workplace concept, space and furniture planning, design concept, implementation project management

    35 employees

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