SV Group

Client: SV Group

Location: Dubendorf

Workplaces: 400

Timeframe: 2018 – 2019


Services: Visions workshop, Interviews, Targeted Insights, New Work concept, mobility- & work profiles, planning, design, furniture concepts, collaboration concept, Change Management, construction supervision, quality assurance

The Swiss gastronomy and hotel company SV Group is currently undergoing a process of change and modernization. The implementation of new work processes and the cultural change taking place should be optimally supported by a future-oriented, agile work environment. At the headquarter in Dubendorf, a New Work workplace is to be created that promotes networking and provides perfect spatial support for a broad spectrum of different work styles. Additionally, employee well-being and the identification with the company has been given a high value.

In order to achieve these essential goals, the existing cafeteria and office wing will be combined. This creates an inviting location in the middle of the office landscape, representing the core business of SV Group in terms of space and promoting social interaction and informal exchange. At the same time, this connection creates a highly attractive location for employees and customers and physically represents the change towards a modern, dynamic and innovative catering business.

workingwell supported the company with change management measures for the project so that the potential of the new working environment can fully unfold. A major focus here is on the topic of Digital Leadership. In workshops with managers, core competencies are further developed that enable a new management style and new ways of working to implement New Work. The selection and use of the technical equipment that is important for team leadership – with regard to cooperation, networking, mobility and innovation – is also clarified and trained here.

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