Client: Verivox

Location: Heidelberg

Scope: 6000 sqm/400 AP

Timeframe: 2018 – 2019

Services: Envisioning workshops, interviews, targeted insights, focus group workshops, impulse workshops, reference visits, mobility and work profiles, planning, design, furnishing, collaboration concept, technology concept, Change Management, building support, tenant representation, quality assurance

Working differently and further developing the workplace in a sustainable, future-oriented way; that is the goal that Verivox, a ProSiebenSat.1 subsidiary, has set itself. In the next two years a workplace will be created that supports collaboration and creativity, promotes social interaction and enables agile, customer-oriented work. The new Verivox work environment will become a place of identification and attraction for both employees and customers.

To achieve these goals, two locations will be united at the new headquarters in Heidelberg. An outdated business world will be left behind, making room for a contemporary environment that reflects the modern, digitally operating company. With this project Verivox is working towards having a positive impact on both the visual and cultural corporate identity. As a full-service partner, we support Verivox in the definition of competencies as well as in the selection and development of a mindset, skill-set and tool-set to embrace a new way of working. Our service offering includes the development of a vision, user analysis, conception and design, planning and the coordination of architects and other external service providers.

Since a new workplace brings about change in culture and behavior, we put our focus on change management where we actively involve both employees and executives. This encourages exemplary behavior and a sense of identity from an early stage. Our approach is holistic, equally taking people, space and technology into account. In the field of technology, we focus on supporting core business practices, simplifying current process and connecting employees using innovative tools and equipment


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