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DAS Environmental Experts




400 employees (including around 120 employees in the industrial sector)




Vision and needs workshops, workplace strategy, space and function program, design planning, design concept and furnishing process, definition of fit-out standards, occupancy planning, project management, change management

Since 1991, the Dresden-based company DAS Environmental Experts has been developing and producing customized environmental technology solutions. The company stands for sustainability and future orientation and would like to make these business principles even more tangible in the working environment of its current 400 employees. Due to the positive growth of the company, DAS no longer had sufficient space available to accommodate additional employees at its main location in the upcoming years. Against this background, the planning of two new buildings was initiated at the beginning of 2020 and workingwell was brought in as a consulting partner for the realization of the new working environment. The goal was, in addition to the implementation of a contemporary, activity-based work environment, to further develop the work culture – in accordance with New Work principles – and to anchor it in the company. An attractive working environment and culture should also have a positive effect on the recruitment of new, suitable employees. In order to underpin the company’s requirements and wishes, we reviewed the concrete needs with the help of various vision and needs workshops.

During this process, it became apparent that the „activity-based“ work concept originally planned for all employees was only really practicable for some departments. Thus, we ultimately considered a mixed form of permanently assigned and flexible workstations during the planning process. This was also in line with the desire to have a workstation available to every employee at peak times. In addition, we planned many meeting rooms and corners of different sizes and created places of retreat for concentrated work and confidential discussions. With project rooms of varying sizes, we also wanted to create optimal conditions for more spontaneous teamwork.

Overall, we paid particular attention to diversity, variety and flexibility in the planning. It was also important for us to create a feel-good atmosphere for the employees. Natural materials, green plants and exciting color accents came into play here – but also modern partition walls that convey more privacy and a cozy ambience. Overall, great care was taken to ensure that the business focus of sustainability was reflected in the furniture and materials. The design was also intended to reflect the DAS brand in the space. Thus, the brand color purple was deliberately put in the spotlight without becoming too present. The new DAS working environment is now a place where employees feel completely at ease, identify with the company and can always find the right place to work for focused, communicative or collaborative work.

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