Jochen Schweizer mydays Group

Client: Jochen Schweizer mydays Group

Location: Munich

Scope: 6.500 sqm /450 employees

Timeframe: July 2019 – August 2020

Services: vision workshop, interviews, online-surveys, targeted insights, focus groups, impulse workshops, workplace strategy, room and furniture planning, design concept, construction supervision, implementation, relocation, Change Management, development of a change-network, activity based working trainings, new work leadership trainings

In October 2017, Jochen Schweizer and mydays, the two leading brands on the adventure market, were united under the umbrella of the JSMD Group. The Jochen Schweizer brand stands for action, experiences, adventure and adrenaline and wants to encourage customers to leave the comfort zone, try something new and thereby grow beyond themselves. The mydays brand gives inspiration for time gifts and thus for unforgettable experiences with family and friends.  In their new joint office in the M8 at the creative hotspot „Werksviertel“, the employees are now working together even better in an „Activity Based Working“ concept. The 6-storey, loft-like office building features an internal high garden with open staircase and chillout zone and several roof terraces. Optimal conditions for a shared experience home.

The focus is on the positive work experience

Arriving at the office, you can immediately feel the brand promise of the JSMD Group: the experience was also the focus of the interior design. Together with the employees, four adventure themes were defined that make the product world tangible for employees and customers: urban, mountain, water and forest. This theme world can be found all over the workspace. From street art on the walls, an original racing car or the surfboard as a design object, to the legendary outdoor slide that leads from the 4th floor into the green courtyard and is certainly not for the faint-hearted.


Activity Based Working: the right place for every need

An activity-based working concept with a wide range of diverse working options offers employees space for focused, communicative, and collaborative work. In addition to the open and spacious work areas, the employees can choose numerous rooms and lounge areas in different sizes for exchange, meetings, and teamwork. But also thought of retreat areas: telephone boxes and focus rooms for 1-2 people offer privacy for undisturbed phone calls and focused work. In addition to the wide range of workplaces on offer, the internal co-working area on the ground floor with informal meeting corners/lounges, flexible furniture and meeting boards offers perfect conditions for creative collaboration.



Recharging batteries and relaxing

The health and well-being of the employees were the focus of the planning from the very beginning. Therefore, sufficient tea kitchens and a spacious, state-of-the-art communal kitchen were planned. These are now available to employees for cooking and eating together, and as an additional retreat and meeting opportunity. And in fine weather, lunch is served on the company’s own roof terrace – with a great view over Munich. Whether in the original JSMD gondola or completely relaxing in the deckchair – up here it says: slow down and recharge your batteries.

Manifesting the new work experience

In order to improve the new working environment and the wide range of work options continuously, as part of a change management process representatives of the employees were accompanied by us throughout the whole process.  In training sessions, employees were able to discover the new possibilities of their „Activity Based Working“ and the leadership had the possibility to exchange their questions and challenges on this new way of working. As a result, the employees were optimally informed about the new work options, methods and rules when they moved into the area and were able to work productively from the very beginning.

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