Client: STIHL

Location: Waiblingen

Workplaces: 248 (pilot project)

Timeframe: Since January 2018

Services: Analysis: vision workshop, interviews, online survey, space utilization study, focus group workshops, reference visits; conception: mobility & work profiles, change management, planning, design, furniture, technology; implementation: furniture tender, material concept, trainings, rule of the game workshops

„The best place to grow together“ – this vision guides STIHL employees and managers in the development of their new working environment. The aim is to create an innovative working environment that promotes well-being and health, strengthens collaboration, and enables innovation – while at the same time taking into account the values of the traditional company. Digital change and thus increased virtual communication were also anchored in a comprehensive technology concept. With user-friendly and intuitive technologies and tools, STIHL is already optimally prepared for future requirements. Our approach at STIHL is characterized by a strong sense of togetherness. For example, the first important step was to establish a solid user network and initiate intensive collaboration with managers and the Executive Board. With the help of a detailed analysis, we were able to understand current structures, processes, working methods, technology standards and STIHL’s corporate culture, as well as identify employee needs and requirements. Based on this, the overarching workplace strategy for STIHL and a tailored concept for the four selected divisions were developed.

The pilot project that has just been finalized – an addition of two stories of office space to an existing production hall – comprises around 248 workplaces for up to 285 employees. During planning, particular attention was paid to activity-based working, modern work and collaboration technologies, and health-promoting aspects.

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