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When we found the perfect property for us in the heart of Munich at the beginning of 2021, our dream of our own New Work office finally came true. Culturally, we have been living New Work since our founding in 2016. Flat hierarchies, personal responsibility, appreciation and, of course, flexible working hours and locations – this is a matter of course for us. When developing our new working environment, we naturally attached great importance to reflecting the needs of our employees as closely as possible. So, we worked together in various workshops to develop our vision and guiding principles for the new office and our future collaboration.

It was very important to us to have an open, bright office with a spacious kitchen and dining area for joint lunches, parties and events. Since the work areas are open plan, many retreat and meeting areas were created. For example, our office has two large meeting rooms and five meeting/phone boxes of varying sizes. Overall, great attention was paid to ergonomic furniture and good room acoustics, and numerous acoustic panels and acoustically effective furniture were integrated. By using our workingwell colors, lots of wood, green plants and smart wall slogans, we created a feel-good atmosphere and reflected our corporate identity in the space. With the development of our remind Box in 2021 – a business solution for mental regeneration with the help of VR applications – we can now also offer preventive health care in our office. Today, our office invites not only employees, but also customers, partners and  friends to work and stay.

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