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„To make great things happen, you need more than just a perspective.“ With this motto in mind, it was clear to Hamburg-based Varengold Bank from the outset that a holistic approach was essential when it came to realigning their working world. As a basis, the bank developed a New Work concept that defines its future collaboration on 6 pillars. The foundation is to be a work and leadership culture that focuses on flexibility, personal responsibility and empowerment. The workspaces should express this culture and enable productive collaboration. Therefore, we have developed a concept that provides a spacious work environment with a variety of work options to meet every need.

Instead of saving space in response to the rise of working from a home, we intentionally created airy areas – adjacent to the central workstations – that encourage team interaction and collaboration and invite people to relax and recharge. In the design, a modern and bright feel-good environment with natural materials, plants and ergonomic furniture – preferably with a fun factor – was important to us. „Each employee now decides anew whether they choose a desk in one of the bright open-plan offices, prefer to retreat to a quiet conference room, open their laptop at the long dining table or sit on the top step of the leafy staircase in our garden area. Some like to lie down in a suspended recliner to think, and those who prefer to stand raise the height-adjustable desk to a standing desk,“ according to Frank Otten, Varengold Bank board member. The investment in a future-oriented working environment has already paid off in the form of higher employee satisfaction and productivity.

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