Client: Autoliv

Location: München

Workplaces: 800

Timeframe: 2017/2018

Services: Workplace and organizational analysis, focus group workshops, executive interviews, workplace concept, design concept, planning and implementation

The international automotive safety company „Autoliv“ wanted to transform its headquarters in Dachau into a modern and future-ready working world. Due to the challenges brought by unplanned growth-beyond-physical capacity, the headquarters today are characterized by non-uniform work environments lacking interconnected-ness. Approximately 800 employees work at four different locations in and around Dachau. In addition, the spaces can no longer meet today’s employee and work demands for a modern and representative company headquarters. To address these shortcomings, a new company site is being developed to unite all sites. The overarching objectives include: improving productivity, promoting innovation and development, and creating  a representative workplace to motivate and attract employees.

workingwell’s extensive research phase – including a space utilization study, an online employee survey,  focus group workshops, and executive interviews – shed light on Autoliv’s corporate structures and culture, workstyles, requirements, readiness-to-change, project vision and goals. Based on the information curated  in this phase, workingwell developed an overarching workplace concept.

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