Client: Rahn

Location: Zurich

Workplaces: 100

Timeframe: 2018 – 2019


Services: Building analysis, Targeted Insights, New Work concept, space and function program, design planning, design concept and furniture pre-selection, definition of standards, acoustic concept occupancy planning, project management

The Swiss technology company Rahn has created a modern New Work based office environment for its current 70 employees, which optimally takes into account the company’s growth plans and promotes cooperation. In a kickoff meeting, responsibilities, milestones and costs were clarified and adopted. Subsequently, different workplace concepts were visited and assessed during several reference visits. A vision workshop with the management level clarified project objectives, visions and possible office forms. A final decision on the office form led to the development of two concepts.



Planning option 1 depicted a rather classic office structure with predominantly single or 2-person offices. In planning option 2, a completely open, flexible working environment with different zones for focused, communicative and collaborative work was visualized. On the basis of the two concepts, a unanimous decision was taken in favour of the flexible, activity-based workplace concept. In user workshops, the New Work concept was then adapted to the specific needs and requirements of the employees.

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