Interview, 16.03.2021

Workplace concepts of the future: “New work and life concepts are shaping the situation on the market for office space.”

How are workplace requirements changing due to issues such as pandemics, mobility and sustainability? And how can workingwell experts add value for real estate developers? An interview with Ernst Thriene, responsible for leasing the White Quarter in Munich. 

The following exciting questions are highlighted in the interview:

  • What are the White Quarter’s responses to the changes brought about by the pandemic? 
  • How does the collaboration with workingwell increase the attractiveness of the areas? 
  • How is the open, modern – and green – campus character created? 
  • How are sustainability and environmentally conscious management incorporated into the project? 

Question 1: What are the responses in the White Quarter to the changes of recent months?

New work and life concepts are also helping to shape the current situation on the market for office space, just like the current pandemic. Although there are already some studies on how the demand and use of the office will develop, no one can say with certainty today where the journey will actually go or how much home office will remain in the end. 

From our observations over the past few months, it has become clear to us that, as a landlord, we want to provide a little more advice and support to prospective tenants than we did before the pandemic. To this end, we have brought on board an independent workplace expert, workingwell GmbH from Munich, a young innovative team with pronounced expertise in the topics of future workplace concepts and change management. 

Question 2: How does workingwell provide support with regard to sustainable workplace concepts? 

The workingwell team shows potential tenants what their ideal office solution could look like with a customized workplace concept and the optimal space for them. As the landlord, we bear the costs for the workplace experts. We see this as an investment in our tenants. Because ultimately, we also benefit from satisfied tenants in our spaces in the long term. 

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