Successful Communication Training

Gain sovereignty in conversations. 

Every person is able to communicate – but only a few can. The central question around which successful communication revolves is: Am I understood the way I meant it? Whether in a team or with business partners: The basis for a good relationship is successful communication. The prerequisite for successful communication is a positive and appreciative attitude. In our training you will learn how to live an open and customer-oriented communication. You will learn how to present yourself authentically and how to conduct solution-oriented conversations, even when dealing with challenging interlocutors and customers. The aim is to find a good balance between commitment and professional distance in order to ensure individualised solutions. 

Strong communication skills, a confident, sovereign appearance and social competence are essential. Especially in virtual or hybrid teams, it is important to formulate one’s own concerns clearly and purposefully in order to prevent misunderstandings and conflicts. Learn the basics of successful communication and train different conversation techniques. Our training offer is aimed at all employees and managers who want to express themselves successfully in a team, communicate and formulate their concerns in a goal-oriented way within their company or towards business partners. 

Training objectives

  • You will acquire theoretical basic knowledge of communication psychology and theories of interpersonal communication.

  • You will receive impulses for personal and continuous development as well as for the target-oriented use of your communicative strengths.

  • As a future communication expert, we will provide you with a methodological toolbox (tactics and tools) for effective communication.

  • You will learn how to listen correctly and how to reflect and describe observations clearly and appreciatively.

  • You will practise dealing with your own and others' emotions in conversations.

  • You will learn to increase your presence and social competence.

  • You train your communication skills in a risk-free and learning environment.

  • You will receive valuable feedback that will help you to optimise your communication behaviour.

Successful Communication Training Content Overview

  1. The 1×1 of communcation
    • Basic knowledge and fundamentals of successful communication
    • How words create truths
  2. Dealing with your own emotions
    • Recognising and formulating needs
    • How to strengthen your communication in stressful situations
    • Brief introduction to the topic of “mindful and appreciative” communication
  3. Dealing with emotions of others
    • Which “personality types” exist, how do I recognise them and how do I communicate with them?
    • Dealing confidently in challenging situations
    • Next steps: How to secure my new communication behaviour in everyday life

Your training options

BLENDED LEARNING: Succesful communication

In our Blended Learning Journey, we playfully combine digital self-learning elements with (virtual) live sessions in which we respond to individual learning experiences and further development requests. Through the possibility of independent control of the self-learning elements and through the individual organisation of the learning times, we guarantee a learning experience adapted to the requirements of the modern work situation. 

Duration: approx. 6 hours in presence, 2 hours self-learning 

Participants: approx. 10-15 people 

Training language: German 

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COMPANY TRAINING: Succesful communication

For all those who prefer face-to-face training with the whole team, we currently offer our training units as virtual zoom training. We are also happy to train you and your team at your company or at one of our inspiring training locations. These training options not only offer a good opportunity to gain a common understanding, but also to strengthen team cohesion at the same time. 

Duration: 8 hours 

Participants: approx. 10-15 people 

Training language: German or English 


Tell us more about your training needs so that we can make you a non-binding offer. 

a non-binding offer. 

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