Strengthen Resilience Training

Resilience as a key factor for your success.

Corporate success can only be guaranteed if employees are healthy, balanced and confident. In turbulent times, it is therefore all the more important to be able to call on these qualities when needed. The good thing is that resilience can be learned. With resilience, crises and challenges can be mastered and, in the best case, seen as an opportunity. Strengthening resilience is important for almost all employees, as crises, excessive demands and stress can affect anyone – in both their professional and private lives. Our training offer is therefore suitable for all employees and managers who want to strengthen their personal resilience and develop individual coping strategies for stressful situations.

Training objectives

  • You will learn how to deal with change in a self-effective and solution-oriented way with the help of individual approaches.

  • You develop competences for resilient handling of stress, crises and conflict situations.

  • You will gain confidence in dealing with acute and permanent stress situations.

  • You will shape your personal sphere of influence and learn to be mindful of your personal energy resources.

  • You promote your self-efficacy with the help of practical exercises.

  • You strengthen your mental health.

Strengthen Resilience Training Content Overview

  1. The concept of resilience
    • How resilience strengthens performance and motivation
    • Resilience, health, stress management – definition, development and relationship of these topics
    • How to use the resilience concept in practice
    • Introduction to seven pillars of resilience
    • How I can use resilience as a source of self-leadership, self-determination and self-efficacy
  2. Resilience in pratice
    • The resilience pillars: Acceptance and responsibility, optimism, future and solution orientation, self-efficacy and team orientation
    • How to find and use your personal strength
  3. Reflection
    • Individual assessment and sustainable anchoring in everyday life

Your training options

BLENDED LEARNING: Strengthen Resilience

In our blended learning journey, we playfully combine digital self-learning elements with (virtual) live sessions in which we respond to individual learning experiences and further development requests. Through the possibility of independent control of the self-learning elements and through the individual organisation of the learning times, we guarantee a learning experience adapted to the requirements of the modern work situation. 

Duration: approx. 20 hours 

Participants: approx. 10-12 persons 

Training language: German 

Tell us more about your training needs, so that we can make you a non-binding offer. 

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COMPANY TRAINING: Strengthen Resilience

For all those who prefer face-to-face training with the whole team, we currently offer our training units as virtual zoom training. We are also happy to train you and your team at your company or at one of our inspiring training locations. These training options not only offer a good opportunity to gain a common understanding, but also to strengthen team cohesion at the same time. 

Duration: approx. 16 hours 

Participants: approx. 10-12 people 

Training language: German or English 

Tell us more about your training needs so that we can make you a non-binding offer. 

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