New Work Leadership

Using the right leadership skills to incorporate new work and make it more accessible.

Having a work environment that is conceived and realised according to new work principles is an important factor in the success of future-oriented companies. Managers play a decisive role in establishing and implementing new work. As employees, they’re affected by these changes and have to reorient themselves; at the same time, they act as role models for their teams. Additionally, managers are faced with the important task of communicating the vision and philosophies surrounding the new world of work to their colleagues. They make new work possibilities and opportunities more apparent, while exemplifying and sustainably representing the established policies and practices. All of this falls within the realm of new work leadership.

With our training module of the same name, we provide managers with the knowledge they need to successfully guide their employees through the transition process and introduce them to the new work experience.

Training objectives

  • You’ll be sensitised the significance of your leadership position as that of a role model.

  • You’ll gain an in-depth understanding of how to take an active role in your company's transition to new work.

  • You’ll learn how to develop new leadership skills and how to tap into the full potential of the new world of work together with your team.

  • As a leader, you will openly support the individualisation of work styles and, in doing so, fulfil an important prerequisite for the success of the new work environment.

  • You’ll be able to transform reservations into enthusiasm and motivation and, as a result, contribute to satisfaction and success in the new world of work.

  • You’ll be able to implement a smooth transition to the new world of work and can minimise any potential loss of productivity.

New Work Leadership Training Content Overview

  1. Understanding the space
    • Understanding and successfully leveraging the opportunities and new work possibilities of the space
    • The influence of the new world of work on the role of leadership and the surrounding culture
    • Recognising and understanding employee challenges in the new space and finding targeted solutions
  2. Structuring teamwork
    • Learning to deal with new challenges: how to support the team in desk sharing, activity-based work and the conflicting demands of collaboration and concentration
    • Leading in flexible workspaces: communication, relationship management and trust, as well as performance appraisals regardless of physical presence in the company

Your training options

BLENDED LEARNING: New Work Leadership

In our blended learning journey, we seamlessly combine digital self-study elements with (virtual) live sessions where we respond to individual learners’ needs and wishes for further development. Self-guided elements and individually structured schedules ensure a learning experience that is adapted to the requirements of modern work situations.

Duration: 8 hours

Participants: approx. 10-15 people

Taining language: German

Please tell us more about your training needs, so we can send a preliminary offer.

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COMPANY TRAINING: New Work Leadership

For those who prefer face-to-face training with the whole team, we currently provide online training sessions through Zoom. We are also happy to train you and your team at your company workspace or at one of our motivational training locations. This training option not only offers a great opportunity to establish a shared understanding, but also to strengthen team cohesion at the same time.

Duration: 8 hours

Participants: approx. 10-15 people

Taining language: German or English

Please tell us more about your training needs, so we can send a preliminary offer.

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