Feedback Culture Training

Strengthen cooperation with the help of a lively feedback culture.

Do you want to create an appreciative atmosphere in your team? Giving and receiving feedback is essential in everyday work to make collaboration motivating and productive. Learn tools and strategies for giving and receiving constructive, effective and appreciative feedback. Living a successful feedback culture is a prerequisite for successful leadership, high employee motivation, good teamwork as well as trusting and effective cooperation.

Collegial feedback in teams is essential for improving and clarifying our interpersonal (working) relationships – especially in virtual and hybrid teams. Addressing observed behavior, allows the chance to reflect on behavior. Only in this way can we consciously change it afterwards. Joint learning and personal development becomes possible. In order for a feedback discussion to achieve the desired success on both sides, tact alone is not enough. Learn practical tools and strategies to give and accept effective and targeted feedback. For this reason, our training offer is aimed at all employees and managers who live or want to live a good feedback culture in their company.

Training objectives

  • You will learn to observe behaviours, environments and interactions and to analyse the distinction between observation and your own interpretation.

  • You will train mindful and appreciative communication, which can become part of your own communication behaviour.

  • You will learn the basics of communication psychology and theories of interpersonal communication.

  • You will understand how to verbalise the factual and emotional components of feedback.

  • You practise accepting feedback and letting it work.

  • You will know how to integrate feedback culture as a natural routine in your team.

  • You will learn and practise methods to create feedback rituals.

  • Our practical tools and methods can be used immediately in everyday work.

Feedback Culture Training Content Overview

  1. Defining the basics
    • Self-check: Sharpening your observation
    • Basics of good feedback
    • Designing and learning 1:1 feedback
  2. Deep-dive
    • Toolkit: Conducting feedback sessions
    • Developing a feedback culture
    • Feedback in institutionalised situations
  3. Conflictual situations
    • Recognising and preventing colfict potential
    • Mastering conflictual situations

Your training options

BLENDED LEARNING: Feedback Culture

In our blended learning journey, we playfully combine digital self-learning elements with (virtual) live sessions in which we respond to individual learning experiences and further development requests. Through the possibility of independent control of the self-learning elements and through the individual organisation of the learning times, we guarantee a learning experience adapted to the requirements of the modern work situation. 

Duration: approx. 8 hours in presence, 4 hours self-learning 

Participants: approx. 10-12 persons 

Training language: German 

Tell us more about your training needs, so that we can make you a non-binding offer. 

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COMPANY TRAINING: Feedback Culture

For all those who prefer face-to-face training with the whole team, we currently offer our training units as virtual zoom training. We are also happy to train you and your team at your company or at one of our inspiring training locations. These training options not only offer a good opportunity to gain a common understanding, but also to strengthen team cohesion at the same time. 

Duration: 8 hours 

Participants: approx. 10-15 people 

Training language: German or English 

 Tell us more about your training needs so that we can make you a non-binding offer. 


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