Event, 27.10.2022

remind BOX – the solution for health prevention in the office

Deep relaxation and regeneration within minutes

From 25.-29. October we presented the remind BOX – our new business solution for relaxation and sustainable health prevention – at ORGATEC, the leading international trade fair for modern working environments. The smart solution for health promotion offers deep relaxation and mental regeneration. And this in just 5-10 minutes using virtual reality applications. Thus, companies can offer their employees a place of retreat. There they can quiet their monkey mind and recharge their batteries. This way they can cope better with their daily work routine in a strengthened state.

Smart solution for stress reduction in the workplace

The topic of health in the workplace has become one of the most important issues in the world of work in recent years. Thanks to digitalisation, work today has become extremely efficient, but also highly demanding. It often leads to excessive demands and stress. Numerous studies already show a sharp increase in sick leaves due to burn-out or the burn-on phenomenon

For the prevention of the serious consequences of stress, we integrate the topic of health into our New Work concepts. Therefore, we advocate for a health-promoting work environment and an appreciative work and management culture. Additionally, health offers such as yoga or meditation classes are included in our concepts.

The perfect retreat for employees

“Health offers in companies often lack continuity and a visible, permanently assigned space that reminds employees of their health, says Axel Praus, Managing Director of workingwell. “That’s why remind intelligently combines space and relaxation application. Additionally, it fits seamlessly into the existing work environment.”

Fascinating nature experiences and binaural beats

remind Box is the solution for health prevention in the office that’s also fun. The experience worlds offer fascinating nature experiences and surreal worlds in 3-D with “Binaureal Beats”. These special sine tones have been proven to have a particularly relaxing effect. The positive effect of the mental journey via VR glasses has also been scientifically proven in various studies. Among others by the renowned Humboldt University in Berlin. The company Magic Horizons developed the innovative VR experience worlds. These are already being successfully used in many areas of life. The equipment of the remind BOX – a room-in-room solution by the company VANK – optimally supports the VR experience. Additionally, it offers comfort and privacy.

Sustainable solution with modern design

Also special attention was paid to the aspect of sustainability. The majority of the equipment is made of natural and recycled materials. The modern design of the box with a plant wall on the side and an exclusive illuminated graphic by the artist Bo Lundberg are also a visual highlight in every office.

Learn more about the remind Box – the solution for health prevention in the office.

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