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Successful in the Home Office.

The Corona crisis confronts us with a new working reality: Home Office is no longer an exception but has become a duty in many companies. For many executives and human resources managers, this means the rethinking of work. This includes, above all, a well-thought-out Home Office strategy with clear rules for cooperation and the acquisition of new skills for “leading at a distance”.

So that you can see the current situation not only as a challenge, but above all as an opportunity, we would like to provide you and your employees with valuable best practices, knowledge, useful tips and practical tools as part of our training sessions. Our training goal is to impart knowledge, build up targeted skills and provide practical guidance. To make Home Office a positive and productive experience for you and your team.

Training objectives

  • As a managing director or HR manager, you can set up and implement a workable concept for the integration of Home Office in your company

  • You know the most important rules for working successfully in the Home Office and can thus create a positive and productive teamwork

  • You know what skills are needed for remote leadership and how you and your leaders get them

  • You understand the need for adequate Home Office equipment and know helpful tools and techniques that help your employees in virtual collaboration

  • You are aware of Home Office's physical and mental health challenges and can take action to prevent and address them

Home Office Training Content Overview

  1. Creating a framework
    • What kind of equipment and conditions do I need to stay satisfied and healthy
    • How do I deal with disturbances, because for my children, Home Office is a foreign word?
    • Welchen Nutzen bietet mir Remote Working? Ein Grundverständnis. 
    • Was bedeutet Remote Working – und wie sieht gutes Arbeiten von Zuhause aus?
  2. Bringing structure into everyday work
    • How do I organize in the Home Office?
    • How much work-life blending is possible and what routines and rituals do I need to enable concentration and relaxation?
  3. Working together productively
    • When does personal cooperation make sense and when is an e-mail enough?
    • What tools and methods do I need to make virtual meetings successful?
  4. Leading remote teams
    • What does it mean to lead in virtual space?
    • How do I create and maintain the basis of trust with my employees? (From input to output)
    • What do I need to lead teams well at a distance?
  5. Working together as a team
    • How can a “we” remain, despite the spatial distance?
    • What rules increase the effectiveness and value for each individual participant in virtual meetings?
    • How do we achieve productive and efficient collaboration?

Your trainings options


Through our online learning platform, we offer your time-restricted employees flexible, individually controllable training sessions. Here, everyone can discover best practices and impulses at their own pace. In addition, managers and employees receive knowledge nuggets and food for thought, which they can work on in their home office workbook, filled with templates and suggestions.

Duration: around  6 hours

Training language: German

Price: 190 €/person (plus VAT)

Book your training


We currently offer our training sessions as virtual zoom trainings to everyone who prefers personal trainings with the entire team. We are happy to train you and your team in your company or at one of our inspiring training locations. These training options not only provide a good opportunity to gain a common understanding, but also to strengthen team cohesion.

Duration: 8 hours

Participants: around 10-15 persons

Training language: German or English

Tell us more about your training wishes so that we can make you a non-binding offer.

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