Deep Work Training

Find your flow to increase focus and productivity.

Deep work is an approach that aims to achieve maximum concentration and fully utilise your cognitive capabilities. With the deep work method, you’ll be able to get into a flow that allows you to absorb, reflect on and process complex information and new knowledge more easily. In our experience, this method not only improves productivity, but also the general wellbeing of employees.

Instead of focusing on what’s essential, we’re prone to letting ourselves get distracted – particularly when faced with big challenges. The disappointing result at the end of a long workday: many important tasks are left incomplete. This is a major issue for many employees, especially now that so many people are working from home as a result of the current situation.

Our Deep Work Training is designed for all employees who want to learn how to work in a focused and productive way with the aid of practical tips and instructions.

Training objectives

  • You’ll learn how to fully concentrate and focus on tasks, while reducing distractions in your day-to-day work life.

  • Using proven rituals, you’ll be able to structure your day and establish a perfect workflow.

  • You’ll find out how to improve your ability to concentrate with the help of simple exercises.

  • You’ll learn to prioritise, plan your day and structure collaborative work with your team.

Deep Work Training Content Overview

  1. Laying the foundations
    • Directing focus to what an individual can achieve
    • How the new world of work influences the role of leadership and the surrounding culture
    • Focus vs. multitasking – when is which approach useful?
  2. Deep work mode
    • The perfect work flow: absorbing and processing knowledge more effectively
    • Proven methods and tools that help create structure and clarity
    • Clear prioritisation and focus as the foundation for working with full concentration
  3. Reflection
    • Optimising time management
    • Developing your own super power

Your training options


In our Blended Learning Journey, we playfully combine digital self-learning elements with (virtual) live sessions in which we address individual learning experiences and further development requests. Through the possibility of independent control of the self-learning elements and through the individual design of the learning times, we guarantee a learning experience adapted to the requirements of the modern work situation.

Duration: 8 hours

Participants: approx. 10-12 people

Training language: German

Please tell us more about your training needs, so we can send a preliminary offer.

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For those who prefer face-to-face training with the whole team, we currently provide online training sessions through Zoom. We are also happy to train you and your team at your company workspace or at one of our motivational training locations. This training option not only offers a great opportunity to establish a shared understanding, but also to strengthen team cohesion at the same time.

Duration: 6 hours

Participants: approx. 10-15 people

Training language: German or English

Please tell us more about your training needs, so we can send a preliminary offer.

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