Activity Based (Hybrid) Working

Improving productivity through activity-based (hybrid) working.

Hybrid working is here to stay. The office of the future will become a place of collaboration and exchange – a community hub, where hybrid working will continue to grow in importance. To meet the new demands on culture, space and technology, the world of work and the way we work must be rethought. AB(H)W plays a central role in this.  

Our AB(H)W training is aimed at all employees and executives who want to enable and implement a new form of productivity and collaboration in a future-oriented working world. We show how the practical introduction of AB(H)W in the company can look like. Employees learn how to use AB(H)W according to their individual goals, find a balance between concentrated and cooperative work phases and thus increase their own productivity. 

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  • You will understand the difference between AB(H)W and open offices.

  • You will learn how AB(H)W can be applied to your daily work and how to navigate in the new workspace according to your needs and goals.

  • You will identify ways in which you can contribute to the successful implementation of AB(H)W.

  • You will gain insights into the spatial transformation required to implement the AB(H)W concept.

AB(H)W Training Content Overview 

  1. The AB(H)W concept
    • Develop an understanding of the concept of activity-based work. 
    • Explore the methodology behind AB(H)W and how it can transform the perceptions of the office environment. 
  2. The spacial realization of AB(H)W
    • Preparation for the new workspace. 
    • Identify and utilize personal preferences to maximize productivity
  3. Realizing AB(H)W in the office
    • Recognize how AB(H)W can be applied to your everyday work.
    • Understand the relationship between the various elements of AB(H)W, including how they can enhance engagement, collaboration, and innovation.

Ihre Trainingsoptionen


In our Blended Learning Journey, we playfully combine digital self-learning elements with (virtual) live sessions in which we address individual learning experiences and further development requests. Through the possibility of independent control of the self-learning elements and through the individual design of the learning times, we guarantee a learning experience adapted to the requirements of the modern work situation

Duration: approx. 3 hours

Language: German

Please tell us more about your training needs, so we can send a non-binding offer.  

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We are also happy to train you and your team at your company workspace or at one of our motivational training locations. This training option not only offers a great opportunity to establish a shared understanding, but also to strengthen team cohesion at the same time.

Duration: 6 hours

Participants: max. 20 persons

Language: German or English

Please tell us more about your training needs, so we can send a non-binding offer.  

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