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Engaged employees, those that feel satisfied, are inspired by, and identify with their company, are the heartbeat of every organisation. Of this, we are certain! Their productivity levels soar, making them valuable contributors to continued business success. Developing efficient working environments that create a positive experience for the entire organisation – that is our true passion. This is why we aim to develop concepts that combine space, culture, technology, and services to make New Work tangible for everyone. Our goal: happy employees, more productive companies, and a better world of work.

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Why workingwell? Five good reasons.

As a workplace consulting specialist with 45 employees, we advise and support medium to large-sized companies in the development and implementation of their New Work projects. From our offices in Munich, Berlin and Cologne we develop project visions, identify employee needs, and translate them into a goal-oriented workplace concept. Our advanced change management and communication activities support employees and executives on their journey, ensuring successful implementation.

  1. Holistic support

    Our architects, interior architects, designers, psychologists, communication experts, service designers, and technology experts combine all the necessary New Work skills to provide holistic support for workplace projects.

  2. Flexible and powerful

    Our global partners enable us to be an independent, agile New Work consultancy that is adaptable and mighty at the same time. It allows us to supervise large-scale projects and react to unforeseen developments both quickly and individually.

  3. High quality standards

    Quality in consulting, planning, and implementation is our top priority. Our project managers work on the basis of well-founded processes and use modern tools to ensure timely delivery and cost-appropriate quality of each project phase.

  4. Ahead of the curve

    We actively engage with the research community to extend our breadth of knowledge on work and the workplace. We participate in conferences, trade fairs, and connect with our network of experts to get inspired and create new ideas that can be integrated in our projects.

  5. One team

    When we collaborate with our clients, we work together as one team. We utilise methods that enable our clients to work alongside us to develop their new work environment. Their integration in the development process gives them the pride and identity in the end results that they deserve, which we believe to be the critical foundation for sustainable change.

  6. »workingwell – a team with brains and heart. They immediately understood what we needed: they are quick and direct in their communication, flexible when the situation requires it and, above all, always work with passion.«
    Bettina Hörmann, Senior Vice President People Development, ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE

This is important to us.

Wellbeing, fun, and positive impact are deeply importance to us at workingwell. Our collectively-defined values guide us through our day-to-day collaboration with colleagues, clients, and partners.

  • Empathy is our foundation.

    We view people as the most important asset of a business. Our working relationships are based on mutual respect, appreciation, and empathy, and we treat both human and natural resources with care.

  • Reliability is a given.

    We are straightforward, genuine, honest, and fair. Mutual trust between our clients, partners, and colleagues, means that we are ready to help and support each other when needed.

  • Passion drives us.

    No matter what we do - we do it with passion. We have fun at work, get excited about new ideas, and inspire our clients. We find challenges exciting and use these to grow and improve.

  • Curiosity shows us the way.

    We are constantly on the hunt for innovation and new ideas. We like to change our perspective and test new methods for ourselves – always with the goal of finding even better solutions.

  • Freedom means taking responsibility.

    Our thoughts and actions are unrestricted. We take responsibility - for our work and for ourselves. We have the freedom to be creative, which motivates us to perform at the highest level.

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