Client: Stihl

Location: Waiblingen

Scope: 285 WP (Pilot)

Timeframe: 2018 – ongoing

Services: Vision development, interviews, space utilization study, focus group workshops, reference visits, mobility & work profiles, change management, planning, design, furniture, technology, collaboration concept

“The best place to grow together.” This is the vision which will guide STIHL employees and executives through the journey to their new world of work. The aim is to create a new, innovative environment that inspires employees, fosters collaboration and facilitates innovation. At the same time it the process and goals take into account the traditional values of this legacy-based company. The shift from product-oriented to a customer- and service-oriented company will be reflected in the new work environment. Collaboration, knowledge exchange and agility will come into focus.

workingwell’s approach for this project is rooted in what we do best: strong cooperation with our clients from day one. With a thorough analysis phase, we were able to understand current structures, processes, ways of working, technology standards and STIHL’s corporate culture. Not the least of which, we were able to identify the needs and requirements of the employees. Based on this, we developed a tailor-made concept for the four selected departments. The current pilot project includes approximately 235 workplaces for up to 285 employees. The planning takes into account modern work styles, new collaboration technologies and workplace well-being elements.  The realization of Stihl’s New World of Work is planned for the beginning of 2020.

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