New Study, 28.02.2019

Co-working – a phenomenon conquers the world

Last Thursday, workplace experts and interested parties came to Berlin: to the “B-Part” – the new co-working space in Berlin. The occasion was the presentation of the latest Cushman & Wakefield study on the topic co-working.

There was controversy in selected participants. workingwell Managing Director Axel Praus showed how the success factors of co-working are already intelligently incorporated into modern workplace concepts. His view of the corporate culture was particularly exciting in this context. For example, what happens if one part of the employees work in the classic office, another part in the creative co-working environment? Will there be a cultural divide and, on this basis, it will be possible to successfully achieve corporate goals? Basically, companies should take a holistic view of their workplace and offer their employees the same spatial and cultural platform – whether in their own office or in the co-working space –. Positive work experiences that can be experienced in space, culture, technology and internal services motivate employees, stimulate their creativity and strengthen their identification with the company.

You can get the revealing study by Cushman & Wakefield here