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Successfully supporting culture transformation

Digitalization and artificial intelligence, diversity and inclusion, demographic change and top talent recruiting – these are just some of the trends that will shape our work experience of tomorrow. The ongoing adaptation to global market conditions and, consequently, the way we work together in the future are crucial for business success. Constant transformation is the response of organizations to successfully and sustainably stay in business and compete to attract the best talent.

Culture transformations are long-term projects that bring a new perspective on leadership, collaboration, psychological safety, health, trust, and communication. The focus is especially on supporting of people. This is because transformation can only be implemented in the long term and, above all, sustainably by involving all of the people affected.

Our training to become a “Culture Transformation Coach” includes the introduction of a Future of Work and coaching mindset for collaborative growth. As a Culture Transformation Coach, you design transformations in such a way that affected employees and colleagues actively participate in them and you enable them to proactively shape the future world of work. During the training, you will acquire practical tools and skills with which you can guide organizations through a successful transformation in a participatory and proactive manner.

As a Culture Transformation Coach, the (virtual) space becomes a tool through which cultural change can be actively experienced and made visible. And here, too, the focus is on the people who are collectively responsible for the success of the company.

Create your new working experience

Our training is aimed at all those who question the status quo and think in new ways, who welcome transformations and enthusiastically want to create an all-round positive work experience. But above all, our offer is aimed at those who are convinced that a mindset update in their company will ensure more participation and enthusiasm, set new impulses, and lead to unexpected innovations. Our participants come from a wide range of industries and fields and are usually HR managers, personnel and organizational developers, facility managers, project managers, or consultants.

Your benefits

  • You embody your role and are able to successfully implement setups in Future of Work(place) projects.

  • You can support others through tools and hands-on approaches to unleash their potential.

  • You know the factors that move people towards adapting their behaviors.

  • You show enthusiasm to shape things proactively and responsibly.

  • You inspire others to understand the importance and relevance of participation and empowerment in transformations.

  • You have a set of tools and methods to successfully accompany transformation projects and implement them in companies.

The roadmap to your success

  1. Module 1: Culture, Transformations & Community
    • Happy place = happy people: Your peer group on the way to the Future of Work
    • Values, principles, trends and drivers of culture and transformation
    • The role of a Culture Transformation Coach
  2. Module 2: Visions, Goals & Transformation-Setup
    • Moving away from rigid process: planning and implementing a transformation setup
    • System mapping, vision development and transformation goals
    • Identifying and leveraging maturity levels and development potentials
  3. Module 3: Participation, Empowerment & Storytelling
    • People in transformations: participation/engagement and empowerment.
    • Storytelling for the transformation setup
    • Resistance as a superpower: the relevance of perspective change and emotions in transformation
  4. Modul 4: Workspace, Design & Worlds of Experience
    • Making culture transformation visible in physical space
    • Co-creative toolset: shaping spaces with new workplace design
    • Sustainable worlds of experience for creativity, innovation, and efficiency
  5. Modul 5: Workspace, Sense of Belonging & Communication Design
    • Using virtual spaces for healthy and sustainable culture transformation
    • Initiate communication for transformation setups
    • Choosing and developing your own real or fictional culture transformation setup for your pitch
  6. Modul 6: Impact, Pitch & Celebrate Successes
    • Sharpen your impact as a Culture Transformation Coach
    • Pitch your transformation setup to our business experts
    • Retrospect & celebrate successes

The certification

Upon completion of your Culture Transformation Coach training, you will receive the title “Culture Transformation Coach”. The requirement is a minimum of 80% participation in the modules. In addition, you will hand in your final paper on your personal Culture Transformation Setup and present it to our expert panel.

Our experts and trainers

With our Culture Transformation Coach training, we take you on an exciting and eventful journey – your own personal development. Expertise from consulting, training, coaching, culture transformation and leadership development are combined in our workingwell academy team. This gives you different perspectives on the individual areas, exciting insights into our various consulting projects with a lot of practical relevance and years of experience as Future of Work trainers

Our training in a nutshell:

    • part-time
    • approx. 6 month
    • max. 12 participants
    • Best practices from culture transformation and workplace projects of our trainers
    • Certification through the workingwell academy

What you should know

Scope of the training:: 14 training days and 130 hours, reflection assignments, conception of final examination, buddy-study system

The path to your training: registration, interview, admission

Your invest: 5.900 € (excl. tax)

Next start date: 19.October 2023



The training takes place at the workingwell office in Munich. The trainings format is in presence – combined with e-learning content.

Address: workingwell GmbH, Karlstr. 44, 80333 Munich.

Duration: 14 days in presence

Training language: German

Participants: max. 12 persons

Price: 5.900 €/person (excl. tax)

Schedule of the training in 2023/2024:

Module 1   19.-21-10.2023

Module 2     24./25.11.2023

Module 3     02./03.02.2024

Module 4     01./02.03.2024

Module 5     12./13.04 2024

Module 6     06.-08.06 2024

(from  9 am – 4 pm)

The dates for the trainings, starting in 2024, are currently  being planned.

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